DVD: Why Kinderdance - Marketing DVD

DVD:  Why Kinderdance - Marketing DVD
Product Code: Why Kinderdance - Marketing DVD
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This NEW “Professionally Produced”  “Why Kinderdance” video has many uses:

          Marketing Presentation for New Centers!

                        Bring it with your presentation and show the director!

          Make Copies and use as a mailer to centers you are not in!

                        They will view it and give you a call, hopefully you will sign up a new center!            

          Increase student enrollment

                   Play it in a loop on an inexpensive portable DVD player in the lobby of an

                        existing center for the parents to see when they pick up their children to increase enrollment!

          Open Houses at Day Cares, Booths and Expos, Seasonal Events, etc.

4:17 minute video

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